Legal Info

for the company Lossless GmbH and its products
Note: In German this document is called "Impressum"

Company Data

Headquarters and Registration Address:
Lossless GmbH
Ottilie-Hoffmann-Str. 16
28213 Bremen

Postal Address:
Lossless GmbH
Digitalallee 30140
80230 München

e-mail: [email protected]
phone (Germany): +49 421 16767 548
phone (USA): +1 646 822 6701
fax (Germany): +49 421 408951 46
fax (USA): +1 646 502 8140

CEO/Geschäftsführer: Philipp Kunz
Registered at: Amtsgericht Frankfurt am Main
Registration#: HRB 98348
VAT-ID/Ust-ID: DE293580420

Obligatory information in German (required by law):

Angaben gemäß § 5 TMG: Lossless GmbH, Ottilie-Hoffmann-Str. 16, 28213 Bremen, Deutschland
Vertreten durch: Philipp Kunz
Verantwortlich für den Inhalt nach § 55 Abs. 2 RStV: Philipp Kunz
Kontakt: Telefon: +49-421-16767548 / E-Mail: [email protected] / Internetadresse:
Streitschlichtung: Die Europäische Kommission stellt eine Plattform zur Online-Streitbeilegung (OS) bereit:
Unsere E-Mail-Adresse finden Sie oben im Impressum.
Wir sind nicht bereit oder verpflichtet, an Streitbeilegungsverfahren vor einer Verbraucherschlichtungsstelle teilzunehmen.

Teams and Product Structure

The following teams exist at Lossless:

Team Name Tag Line Description
Lossless.Audio high fidelity audio everything from Room Acoustics optimisation to operating Jazz Clubs
Lossless.Business sales, aquisition, first line support talking to customers, marketing, and product development.
Lossless.Company legal services and compliance our own company management and services, legal compliance, dispute and lawsuit handling
Lossless.Digital digital services development providing digital services and code development for all Lossless Products that face customers.
Lossless.Fashion internal fashion services, style and happiness consulting checking for style and happiness among our workforce. Trying to find sense behind all of it.
Lossless.Cloud cloud infrastructure making sure ressources are highly available, backed up and secure. Those are the guys you call at 3am
Lossless.One code management and Open Source projects that are highly beneficial for a better world are open sourced and actively maintained by this team.
Lossless.Studio content creation content creation (designs, photography, video, music) to knowledge building (fitness, tech, politics, general information)


Currently Lossless is involved in the following projects for which this Impressum/Legal Info is valid for. There may be projects and pages for which it also applies but that are not listed here.

Project Name Branch Domain Twitter Facebook Google+
PlayControl.IO Lossless.Audio playcontrolio PlayControlio-199539437044743 +Playcontrolio
Bellini.IO Lossless.Audio
Onboard.Me Lossless.Business onboard_me onboardme-1862938243930251/ Lossless.Business
Git.Zone Lossless.Cloud git_zone gitzone-418242585177462
Mojo.IO Lossless.Cloud mojo_framework mojoio mojoio
Push.Rocks Lossless.Cloud pushrockscode pushrockscode pushrocks
Ship.Zone Lossless.Cloud ShipZone-1173236712789066
Serve.Zone Lossless.Cloud ServeZone-424429454555655
Umbrella.Zone Lossless.Cloud umbrella_zone umbrellazoneweb UmbrellaZone Lossless.Company losslesscom losslesscom
ModelGrid Lossless.Fashion modelgrid modelgrid modelgrid
ModelProfile Lossless.Fashion ModelProfileCom ModelProfile-418690848304665/ modelprofile
Central.EU Lossless.Studio central_eu centraleu centraleu
Finance+ Lossless.Studio central_eu centraleu centraleu
Fitness+ Lossless.Studio central_eu centraleu centraleu
NewYork.Today Lossless.Studio central_eu centraleu centraleu
Start+ Lossless.Studio central_eu centraleu centraleu
Tech+ Lossless.Studio

Dispute Resolution

If you have a complaint feel free to try a settlement using the Online Dispute Resolution by the European Comission